Here are Some of the Projects I’ve Worked On

Vmun 2012

This is a talk I gave to 800+ attendees at a conference I organized when I was 18. I led a team of 12 who directly reported to me & helped train over 40 staff.

Justin Trudeau (the current Canadian PM) was the guest speaker at the event.

Luminate labs

I took a year off from Princeton to start my most recent company Luminate Focus – a nootropic supplement for optimal mental performance. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are sustainable and beneficial in the long term. Our holistic philosophy emphasized the importance of effective habits and routines, quality sleep, meditation and a diet of whole non-processed foods, for optimal mental performance. We had customers all across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Princeton tigertrek

In 2013, I lead the TigerTrek program, which brings 20 of Princeton’s top engineers and entrepreneurs to California selected from 180+ applicants to meet with tech luminaries in Silicon Valley including John Doerr, Ron Conway, Jack Dorsey, Meg Whitman, Bill Campbell, Keith Rabois, Don Mattrick, Sal Khan, DJ Patil, and more.

I also cold emailed Tim Ferriss and Paul Graham (YC) to secure meetings.

Rowing Coxswain

I was a rowing coxswain for 6 years. In high school I won four Canadian National Championships at the Senior Level and at Princeton I was the coxswain for the top boat on the varsity lightweight team.

This video is a recording of my voice during on of our races.

Beyond advertising Inc


I started a digital marketing company when I was 14 years old in order to pay for my high school tuition. Taught myself how to run ads on Bing PPC, and a variety of other platforms. Ended up making $10K in my first two months to pay for school & eventually ~$75,000 while I was still in high school.I would work on the business in the evenings and on the school bus from my phone.

Skills: Copywriting, direct response marketing, ad optimization